Current favourites: Makeup

So I suck at blogging. But recently I have been thinking a lot about how fake this whole content creation thing can get. And I refuse to be a part of it – I will not post something just to appear in someone’s feed. I will not color coordinate my pictures, because “perfect feed, perfect life, right?” Wrong. Life doesn’t occur in filters so how about we stop trying to present every place, every emotion and every experience in the same color sceme and start enjoying the amazing diversity life has to offer?
I may elaborate on this topic in another post, bur for now I really really want to share my current makeup favourites with you.
I don’t always come up with a list of favourites, but when I do, it’s brilliant. If you know what I mean.

In all seriousness, every single one of the products below is amazing. This is a word you’ll see often in this post and please know that I mean it every single time.


Colourpop – All I See Is Magic Palette
From time to time I meet up with this gorgeous makeup obsessed girlfriend of mine. The good thing about it is that we get to chat about makeup and drink cocktails for hours. The bad things is… well, I always get ideas on what I need to spend my money on. As if I couldn’t come up with enough ideas on my own. LOL.
Anyway, I was thoroughly impressed with the metallics in the palette and I purchased immediately. Guys, I promise, these are exactly like the metallics in the first Huda Beauty palette.
The mattes are great too – they do feel kind of stiff in the pan, but they blend well, I don’t get fallout and do I even need to mention the price point?!

Custom palette
I picked up this lovely empty palette by Makeup Geek. It’s big enough to hold 10 eyeshadows, or in my case – 8 eyeshadows and a blush.
The blush is Bliss by Makeup Geek – it’s a lovely peachy shade and I use it every day on my cheeks and eyes. It’s a must have for spring.
I also have:
Rapunzel by Makeup Geek – satin champagne shade, just perfect for highlighting your lid during the day or to compliment an all-matte look. If you are tanned, you may want to look for a darker shade though in order for it to appear more natural.
Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee and Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek – they really are must haves!
Cloud Nine by Colourpop – a perfect neutral shade.
Roundhouse by Coloupop – a black brown for when you really don’t to go for a black.
Slim Fit by Colourpop – hot coral shade, perfect for the sunset eye look or for adding a bit of freshness to repurpose your fall shades.
Get Out by Colourpop – which I expected to have a red undertone, but in reality it is actually purple. Strange, but still nice for the outer corner.


Those are pretty much all the eyeshadows I have been using in the past months and I will for sure be getting more from both brands.

The Ordinary – Serum Foundation in 2.0 YG
I have no words to explain my love for this foundation. I was desperate to finally find a good colour match and I was debating on getting a high end foundation when I decided to give this one a go. Not only is it my exact shade with its beautiful golden undertones, but the formula is amazing. It is very liquid, but it provides light to medium coverage, which is buildable but still feels like nothing on the skin AND if that’s not enough, it looks good after 10 hours and wears off beautifully. How is this even possible?! I have no idea, but I would gladly pay triple for this. However, I am more than happy to continue paying around 7 euros for this gem!

Colourpop lippie stix in Lullaby
The matte X formula is indeed matte and long-lasting, but very easy to wear. And the colour is pure perfection! It’s red with warm undertone but very flattering on the teeth department. See for yourself:


NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in 04 Ruffle Trim
My my-lips-but-better shade! It’s a nude with a red undertone, very interesting! Matte, yet very comfortable to wear and it wears off beautifully.

Colourpop Satin Liquid Lipstick in Magic Wand
Now, I have no idea why everyone describes this shade as peachy. On me, this is a light nude pinky shade. And you guessed it – the formula is amazing! However, it is not kiss-proof, so I would only opt for the satin finish if the shade is nude.

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Appy
A juicy light orange/peachy lip, very glamorous!

With these 4 options, I got all my lip needs covered.


Morphe M506 – Tapered Mini Blender
This brush is every bit as good as they say! It’s just excellent for applying a dark colour in the outer corner and blending it out perfectly  (unlike Zoeva 231 Petit Crease!). If you need precise blending, get this brush!

Morphe R37 – Pointed Blender
Perfect for a one eyeshadow look and for a transition shade with windshield wipers motions. Not the softest brush, though, but this seems to be the case when goat hair is involved.
I can do a full on look with only these two brushes!

These products are my ride or die for now and I don’t see this changing any time soon.
What about you? Have you used some of my favourites and what do you think about them?



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