Travel guide: Prague

After spending my Erasmus semester in Prague in 2015 and after visiting Prague twice in 2016 I am finally sitting down to summarize my tips and recommendations for this amazing city. I look forward to going back there again! Apparently, I am not the only one who feels that way, my best friend Ioana just got accepted into a master program there! How cool is that?
Read more about her and my Erasmus experience here.


Let’s get down to business now, this is going to be long.
(Some of the pictures below I took from the Internet!)


The public transport in Prague is great – it is around the clock, convenient and reliable.
Taking a taxi doesn’t cost much either although as true eastern Europeans (although they deny it!) taxi drivers may try to take advantage of you.
Keep this in mind when looking for a place. Search for a hotel or an Airbnb apartment in Prague 2 or 3. Generally, it is best to be near a metro station from the red line or near the tram 5 or 9. All of them take you directly to the city center.
This is the Airbnb apartment we chose for our last stay there.


Sightseeing or my personal highlights:

Hradcany castle is one of the top tourist attraction, but choose your entrance ticket wisely – make sure it allows you to see the St. Vitus cathedral in detail (otherwise you are only allowed to enter!) and to visit the Zlatá ulička.

Keep in mind that one of the most beautiful libraries in the world is located in Prague! (Klementinum)

I would strongly advise everyone who is interested in history and/or achitecture to take a look at the 6 sinagogues in the jewish quarter Josefov. They are all very different and the visit is totally worth it. Don’t forget to pick up an audio guide, it helps a lot!
If that’s not your thing, take a walk along the Parizska street, it is really pretty and all of the fancy boutiques are there.

If you happen to be in Prague in the summer, you should go for a walk on Vyšehrad. You may even get lucky and attend a festival there! I did and it was quite enjoyable and delicious haha!
You could also rent a boat and get some tan!

Two Czech drinks you must try:


I am by no means a beer lover, but this Black Kozel is really delicious and it seems to be everyone’s favourite!
Becherovka is a herbal liquor, very similar to the popular German Jägermeister, but as someone who hates the latter, I can assure you – Becherovka tastes different. Better!
It is usually served ice-cold as a shot or as a part of a longdrink called Beton (Becherovka-Tonic). The original version has an alcohol content of 38% and the Lemond version – 20%. You can find all three everywhere and they make great gifts! A bottle of Becherovka costs around 8 Euro.

Places to eat:

If you are interested in a traditional Czech cuisine and trying out many beer types:
U Medvídků – Na Perštýně 345/7, Staré Město, 110 01 Praha 1
Book in advance and ask for the table inside the big beer barrel!

If you want to enjoy the Czech cousine in a stylish atmosphere:
U Laury – Nerudova 209/10, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana
Located on the way to the castle, perfect for stop by before or after the visit.
In the summer you will be sitting outside in a little garden and in the winter you will be enjoying your meal in a vintage and intimate atmosphere. (The bulding is actually an old house on multiple levels and there are only 2-3 tables on each.)
This is our favourite place to eat! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, the food is amazing and the prices are great. You should try the roasted pork leg or the goulash!


However, if you are vegan/vegetarian, there are two very popular restaurants to try out.
I believe they belong together and the menu is more or less the same. However, there are some differences:
Lehka Hlava – Boršov 280/2, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město
A smaller one (book in advance!), cozy and colorful (each room is different!), hippy, the menu is slightly influenced by the Mexican cuisine. You can take a look at the menu here.
I loved their red lentil & coconut milk soup and I have been making it ever since!

Maitrea – Týnská ulička 1064/6, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, centrally located, more elegant, both food and atmosphere are inspired by Asia. Website.

Loved their kimchi (a really spicy Korean dish with pickled cabbage!) and the black bean burritos!
(An impressive choice of focus point, I know.)

The place for cake and coffee:
CakeCafe – Jungmannovo nám. 21, Můstek, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město-Praha 1
It is conveniently located almost on the main street. This is the place where I fell in love with carrot cake! If you think you are not going to like it, you are wrong!
In case it is really not your cup of tea, they offer 5-6 different cakes every day, alongside with crepes, quiches, wraps and coffee specialties.

I hope you’ll find this little guide helpful! Please feel free to contact me if you need more tips for your upcoming trip to Prague!

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