Achieving inner peace

Guys, I am all over the place. I saw this quote by @SimpleReminders on Instragram and like all of their recent posts it really connected with me. I re-posted it with my own thoughts, ’cause I am just not one of those girls who post interesting and fun pics with a one line caption. I sometimes wish I didn’t feel the need to write walls of text, but I do.
It took me 20 minutes to write that caption. I wanted it to be short and meaningful and this is what I came up with:


However, my mind kept going and so many thoughts appeared to somehow be connected to the quote above so I just need to share them.

First, let me emphasize the part where I said that this way of acting and more importantly thinking is not something that came naturally to me. It really isn’t. And it really is a matter of choice, but more importantly, it is a matter of practice and continuous work every single day. It is not a magic switch. Unfortunately.
Bad thoughts occur, they would just naturally find their way into my head and it requires some effort from my side to push them away. There have been times when I suddenly noticed that I have been more negative than normal or that it was slightly more difficult to push away those thoughts. This usually indicates that I haven’t taken the time to process a situation. And by time I don’t mean weeks or even days. I have reached a point where my gut feeling is fighting against negativity and I may only need minutes to get my head back in order.
I hope you understand, it is not about controlling your reactions and not letting people see behind this mask you’ve put on.

It is about good thoughts and intentions being the core of your personality.

It is not about being naive or stupid and not acknowledging the bad in the world either. It is purely a choice to concentrate on the good. I don’t know much about the law of attraction (but I have 2 credits on Audible so I may educate myself a little bit on the topic), but it somehow sounds very logical to me – you attract what you choose to concentrate your energy on.

It always baffles me how different our perceptions of the world may be. And I can’t help but noticing the huge role of our social surrounding in shaping our beliefs. Usually, in a discussion people would give such examples of human behaviour that I would just sit there and stare. I would try to come up with a polite way to ask them why the hell do they communicate with those people if they disapprove or why did they allow to be told such stories in the first place (a.k.a. gossiping) Like… is it really necessary to hear what a person (you don’t even know that well) did? How does it help you, your quality of life, your friendships? These shared stories just make you concentrate on the bad – bad thoughts, bad actions, bad people. Stuff you can’t do shit about. So why would you focus on them? Why would you even think about something you can’t change? You may not realise it straight away, but in my very humble opinion, this way of thinking operates with negative energy and if you send ‘bad vibes’, you can’t expect ‘good vibes’ in return. But the problem is, we do. And of course, where there is a difference between our expectations and our reality, we are not at peace. It is a very simple concept.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that a certain type of behaviour just does not happen to a certain type of people. And it’s not about being lucky as some would say. It is just that there are such amazing, good, loyal, humble human beings that it would never occur to anyone to do them harm in any way. And even if they do, those people with pure hearts would just distance themselves from the bad.
The way I see it, a pure heart does not hold grudges.
A pure heart does not seek revenge or try to get even.
A pure heart is loving and understanding.
A pure heart acknowledges and appreciates.
A pure heart knows that it is not about what others do to you, but about how you respond and, ultimately, about what you do to you.
And it knows that the very best thing you can do is giving yourself peace.

What do you guys think? Do you feel the same way? At what stage are you on your inner peace seeking journey?


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