Take care of your hair with L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Line

I initially wanted to write a summary post with all the beauty discoveries I came across in 2016, but truth is, there are so many! I found some products that really work for me and I intend to stick to them.
I already shared some of my favourite hair products so consider this to be a part two.

Note: According to my Instagram profile I got these producs on the 26th of October and I have been using them ever since. I have absolutely no excuse for not posting about them until now, but here you are!
They have just been released in Bulgaria, so I guess I can still be helpful! This is a highly positive review guys and there is only one reason for it – I genuinely love this line!

My hair

Almost no layers currently
Surprisingly heavy (although it is not very thick!), thus no volume
Tends to get greasy at the roots while the lengths stay really nice

I have tried couple of shampoos claiming to be able to take care of greasy roots and dry ends simultaneously, but I didn’t like any of them. When L’Oreal introduced their new Extraordinary Clay line, I was quite excited because of their star ingredients and the way they are supposed to work.

Usually the first thought when hearing the word clay would be ‘drying’. Not with this line!
This is what L’Oreal say:

Introducing our breakthrough innovation from Elvive, Extraordinary Clay. For the first time we have combined 3 refined clays into a hair care range to break the vicious cycle of oily roots & dry ends.

Clays have been celebrated in beauty rituals for thousands of years due to their unrivalled ability to cleanse, purify and energise. In terms of hair care, Clays combat the excessive oil production at the roots but also any dehydration throughout the lengths and ends.

The line features 4 products:


Undoubtedly, the most innovative one is a pre-wash mask you are supposed to put in your roots, wait 5 minutes, wash it off and continue as usual with the shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t decide whether I was more excited for the mask or for the dry shampoo!
In Germany, there is a fifth product in the line, which is a dandruff shampoo.

I got three products – the mask, the normal shampoo and the dry shampoo. I prefer using hair masks to conditioners, as I find them to be more nourishing. Read more about my favourite one here.

Now. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, so let me summarize my opinion of this line with this one picture:

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-03 at 11.51.12

Yes, this is my stash. Well, actually my empties, my repurchased products and my backups. (A bottle of shampoo is missing, this is my second one and I just finished it today and I need a third one asap!)

Dry shampoo

Apparently, DM Germany decided not to have the dry shampoo anymore which is a decision I really can’t understand. (But hey, they gave a major discount so I just stocked up and thank God, I can still get it in Müller). This product is great!
Does it take the grease out? Yes.
Does it make your hair volumenous? Yes. (Unlike Batiste!)
Does it leave white cast? No. (Unlike Aussie, which does, if you are not careful.)
Does it feel like you have something in your hair? Hell no. (Unlike Aussie!)

To be honest, I am quite generous with dry shampoo, so I quickly needed a second bottle, but with this price, this doesn’t bother me at all.

Pre-wash mask

Really interesting product. It definitely helps my roots stay clean for longer and creates more volume. I feel the whole line delivers results (fresh hair for a longer time period) in two ways – a chemical one, done by clay, and a mechanical one, meaning boosting the roots of the hair so that they don’t touch the skin of your head as much and don’t get the grease from it. Oh God, I hope I make sense.
I apply the mask on the upper third of my hair, where it usually gets greasy and I use a hair dye brush. The mask has a very thick consistency and by using a brush the job gets done a lot quicker and you need less compared to when you use your hands.
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-03 at 11.51.12(2)
I aim to put the mask on my scalp and perhaps the first 2 cm of my hair. The mask gives a slightly tingling sensation. I don’t use it every time, because I always end up leaving it for too long (more than 10 minutes) and I notice that in those cases my hair tends to fall out a little bit more than normal during shower. But no worries, nothing major. If you can follow instructions better than me, you can use the mask every time, I stick with once every three to four washes for now and it works for me.


Great product and dirty cheap as usual when it comes to Elvive. It foams beautifully, I only need a very small amount to wash my hair and I promise you, it does not dry out the lengths.
It gives me a beautuful fluff (is that even a word) without my hair being frizzy or strawlike (unlike the Elvive Fibralogy, damn, I really didn’t like that one and I had such high hopes for it!)
Nothing more to say.

From washing my hair every 48 hours and rarely being pleased with how it looks even on day two,  I got to having a nice third-day hair quite often. Impressive!
You should try this line, guys, nothing to lose there!
I, for sure, will keep buying these!






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