This month I’ve been…| January

One of my New Year’s resolutions was not to let time just pass by, but to spend it wisely and later on reflect on myself and how I have been feeling, what I managed to do and where I failed. My Bullet Journal helps quite a lot and it makes it really easy for me to remember all my recent pursuits.
I thought I’d share some of them here.

This month I have been…



This book was first written in 1937 as a study book for Effective Speaing and HR courses, so I guess it’s safe to say that every other source of information on these topics is based on it.
This is one heavily recommended book, every entrepreneur has read it at the beginning of their journey. I am still reading it, but so far it’s been great.
As I was thinking about what topics I am interested in, I googled a lot and came up with quite an extensive reading list. (Which I also keep in my Bullet Journal, ha!)
I intend to read two more books on the topic of human relations and interactions before moving on to the next topic. The first one is The 5 love languages. I was/am as sceptical as anyone else when it comes to ‘self help’ books on romantic relationships, but I believe I have learned quite a lot in the last few years and I know that a great relationship takes time and effort every single day, so naturally I am curious to know more. The second one is 159 Mistakes Couples Make In The Bedroom, it is written by a couples therapist who also happens to be a mom of the healthy lifestyle YouTuber Annie Jaffrey. I have been following her for years and I love the calm positive energy she has, and her attitude to life. As soon as she recommended the book, I decided I needed it. I really hope that these books prove to be worthy of my time and I’ll make sure to share my thoughts on them. Perhaps this could reduce all the hate on the topic, who knows?


Apart from finishing Malcolm in the middle for the second time, in January I came across
Lydia Elise Millen , who is a UK based fashion/lifestyle YouTuber. She is so incredibly sweet, positive and genuine that I can’t stop watching her videos. Her favourite topics are designer purchases such as handbags and shoes etc, but she talks about them in the most real, non-shallow way possible. Her style is impeccable, she prefers very classic pieces with clean lines in neutral colours, this is a lot like my own style (However, I love red!). I am quite conservative when it comes to fashion and I am not able to relate to all of the American fashion bloggers out there. (And the weather in Germany is nothing like the weather in LA!) Lydia, on the other hand, is exactly my cup of tea. She also advocates investing in clothes and re-wearing them, which is a very down-to-earth, real life approach. Check out this pictures, this is totally my style ❤
Here is one of her most recent videos where you can get to know her and her way of thinking a little bit more.

Watching Lydia reminded me of other favourite UK YouTubers, such as:
Niomi Smart : all about healthy lifestyle, beauty, vlogs, positivity. In 2016 she managed to bring her very first cooking book on the market, which seems to be full of interesting, filling and delicious vegan recipes, I need to get my hands on it!
Kaushal Beauty: Kaushal must be the sweetest, most positive beauty guru out there. And being Indian, she is so amazingly beautiful. And all that hair, oh God!
Patricia Bright: Lifestyle YouTuber with tons of funny videos, as well as real life talks. Former business student and corporate employee, which makes her very relatable, current business owner and mum.

Being born and raised in Europe, I find UK YouTubes to be a lot more relatable than the US ones. And I swear, all of them have this royalty aura. They are very ladylike, calming and down-to-earth, but witty at the same time, don’t you think?


This month I have been experimenting a lot (and keeping track in my Bullet Journal, ofc!). Recipes are coming, I am so excited to share some of them with you. Every time I find something good, I want to scream it to the world. Does anyone else feel the same?
If I have to name the one reason I keep blogging (although very few people read my blog), this would be it. Anyway, two of the best culinary discoveries this month were my sushi bowl and my amazing bulgur recipe.



Better at
  1. Socializing. I was spending some quality time with friends regularly, inducing positive emotions and a better connection to them.
  2. Drinking water. I have been trying to develop this habit for as long as I can remember and I am terrible at it. However, I managed to complete a whole week of drinking at least 1.5 L daily. I must say, everything you’ve heard about the benefits, is true. Clear and more hydrated (!) skin, better digestion, more energy. Can we count the walks to the toilet as cardio? I certainly hope so, because boy, it is annoying.
  3. Taking time for myself. I have been reading almost every night, stepping up my skincare game, listening to my thoughts more often instead of ignoring them and so on. 🙂
Waiting for

I am really looking forward to spending time with my family and friends in Bulgaria, I am actually leaving in less than a week. Really excited for the change of scenery, even for a little while.

This was my review of the month of January. How did you start your 2017? Still sticking to your goals?

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