My Holy Grail Hair Products and a no go

Ok, guys, let’s talk hair!

First, let me present you mine! My hair is long, straight, color-treated, greasy at the roots, prone to split ends. I don’t have much of it and it is not really thick, BUT somehow it is really heavy, which means I don’t get to have any volume to the roots, if I don’t cut layers in it. I use my hair dryer 3 times a week and a flat iron/curling iron 2-4 times a week.

My hair care is pretty straightforward. My goal is to always have nice clean roots without letting my lengths go totally dry, and a nice volume. I don’t experiment with my hair, I don’t use any special products when styling it, I am pretty boring haha.

All of the hair products below have a very nice and fresh smell to them, they are exactly what you would get in a hair salon. (And actually, two of them are often used and sold there!) Of course, the smell is only a bonus BUT it make the whole experience extremely enjoyable for me, I look forward to washing my hair and using these treasures!


Lakme K. Style Shape Thick and Volume Brushing Lotion

What is this: The name is a total mystery to me. This is a 100% volume spray.
How I use it: I put on my towel dried hair just before using my hair dryer. I only spray it on the upper half of my hair, which I divide into 3 (horizontal) sections. I concentrate on that top part of my head where my hair will usually lay flat on the second day after washing it. Sometimes I will use the spray on the second day if I need the lift.
Why is it a holy grail: The product smell really good, I can’t really describe the smell but it’s fresh and it gives you that hair salon feeling, you know? I have been using the spray since February and I still have the half of it. Moreover, there is a grape seed oil in it and an UV filter to protect the hair colour, which is always a plus.
Be aware: this will NOT work if you air dry your hair (it will give that crunchy feeling to your roots). However, if you do use a hair dryer, you’ll never feel the product in your roots. I know this is a major factor for some of you 😉

Go get it!
(Now, if your hair is extremely long and thick and has no volume, there is no spray on Earth which could fix that. Think of cutting some layer into it, this helps A LOT).

Macadamia Nourishing Leave-in Cream

What is this: Literally, a leave-in cream to smooth your hair, to make it easy to brush after washing it and to help it dry faster.
How I use it: I put a small amount on the lower third of my towel dried hair.
Why is it a holy grail: Oh gosh, there are so many reasons. First, this is something I have been using for more than 2 years. I am finishing my second bottle which lasted more than a year. This is impressive! A little goes a long way. Second, this cream contains oil which is great for every type hair, but more importantly – it does not weigh my hair down and/or make it greasy! You can use it no matter what – whether you have curly or extremely fine hair, whether you let it air dry or use a hair dryer – it works! Third, your drying time (again – the method doesn’t matter) will be cut in half, this is amazing! I actually noticed the effect before reading the label!


The no go: Since I am finishing this bottle and I have troubles finding the cream, I thought I would replace it with something else until I find a way to get it. I also wanted to test if it is really that great or I am just used to it. I bought this Öl-in-Creme by L’Oreal. Non-greasy, my ass! I used a small amount after washing my hair in the evening and I noticed it being greasy in the morning (!) when I was straightening it! It wasn’t that type of greasy where i would want to cry and immediately wash it off, but it was noticeable and it made me conscious of my hair.
It may work beautifully on a very dry curly though. For me, however, this is a total no-go.





L’Oreal Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice

What it this: A heat protecting cream (up to 230°! most products only protect your hair from up to 180°!)
How I use it: Immediately after putting the Macadamia cream or before I use my curling iron/flat iron.
Why is it a holy grail: Non-greasy, smells amazing and lasts a long time. (I have been using it since February and it will last for another two months or so.) As to whether it protects my hair – I think so. My hair is stronger and smooth. It does have a lot of split ends, but that’s due to my stupid (and totally wrong) curling technique.

L’Oreal Elvital Total Repair (5) Hair Mask

What is this: A hair mask… obviously.
How I use it: Like a conditioner (it is meant to be used that way). I wash my hair as usual, then press the water out of it with my hands and put on the mask and leave it there for 2-3 minutes.
Why is it a holy grail: It makes my hair feel soft and silky smooth. The consistency is great and the smell is really nice.

Balea Oil Repair Haaröl

What is this: A hair oil with an argan oil
How I use it: After I style my hair I rub the oil between my fingers and run them through my hair. I concentrate on the lower portion of it.
Why is it a holy grail: Well, the product is not that impressive. I mean, there are many hair oils and many of them have argan oil in their ingredient list. But this is just a nice option, it’s super cheap, it smells devine and it will last me forever, like… for the next 5 years. My hair is nice and shinyyy! ❤ non-greasy, too!
This hair oil was a recommendation by a friend, she finds zero difference between this one and the Mythic oil one by L’Oreal. Quite cool, huh!
Be aware: this is not travel friendly, it opened in my bag on the very first day after buying it. You have never seen a better smelling sports bag, I’ll tell you that!

So that was it! I really hope you enjoyed it, perhaps I gave you some ideas. Please let me know what you think of these products if you happen to buy any of them. And of course, if you have found your holy grails, don’t be selfish and spread the love!

Have a great week!


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