Self-love is the key

Casual saturday afternoon. My boy is sleeping like a baby right next to me and I am watching Project Breakthrough Day 8. Third video for today. I have an E-book (which I downloaded months ago, but haven’t got the time to actually read it) opened in the tab next to it, and a guide on SEO in another.
What does this mean? Some quality ME time. Boy, I have seriously been lacking it in the last months. This whole time I was chasing deadlines and doing everything I was supposed to while feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. And then it was over. For a while though, the same roller coaster will begin again just after a month or so. But that’s okay. After just a week full of time for myself I realised that what they say is true. Time is indeed your most valuable resource. So this time, when the whole stress finally gets to me, I won’t put myself on hold. I will be smarter. I will be happier!
We love to spend time together. Actually, there were times when we spent ALL of our time together. But we’ve come to realize that we need to spend time on ourselves. And this may be difficult when a couple lives together and doesn’t just go on scheduled dates.

Something my mum has been telling me since I was a kid:

If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

She wasn’t the first one to come up with this though. I believe Jim Rohn said it, but I may be wrong.

However our way is to spend time on ourselves… together. Sitting next to each other with everyone doing his thing. And later we spend some together-together time. We sit and talk. And we talk for hours. Exactly because of this time we spent alone. Alone with our thoughts, goals and dreams. Boy, this feels refreshing!


I am going to leave you with a quote by a favourite blogger of mine. I took the liberty of translating it.

It is fundamentally important to give ourselves some time alone. […] Healthy egoism and self-love form the base of us being able to qualitatively take care of others and being interesting company and worthy (love) partners.

Beautifully said, don’t you think?
This is it. Find time for yourself. Read, run, make pictures, paint, relax on the couch, whatever helps you breathe and feel better. Take care of you and take care of your nearest and dearest.

I think it’s time to wake him up now.
Time for the football game Germany-Italy.
Time for wine and cheese-stuffed mushrooms.
Time for US.

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