Review: L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss

Hey, guys, today I am here with a really quick review. Yesterday I dyed my hair for the third time and thought it was about time I shared my experience with the hair dye product I have been using.
First, let me say something – I had ZERO experience before this. I know nothing (a total John Snow haha) about the right way and the wrong way, about moon phases or anything like that. The ONLY reason why the result turned out great is the fact that my natural hair is brown and I wanted to get it to a very dark brown colour. Obviously, keep in mind the don’t-try-this-at-home recommendation if you are blonde and trying to become a brunette.

I went for the Casting Creme Gloss by L’Oreal just because I recall my mother using it years ago. It is without ammonia, which as far as I know means that it is going to wash off rather than stay on your hair for a long time. But I could be wrong.


L’Oreal promises:

  • color holds up to 8 weeks
  • color reflects shine
  • covers grey hair
  • hair is soft, smooth and taken care of

My opinion:

Totally true! And yes, unfortunately I have two (or three!) gray hairs. #studentslife
The color may last even longer than 8 weeks, depending on how you take care of it. I noticed that it faded in the roots, but it was still perfect on the lengths. I will be looking for color refreshers (I believe that’s what they’re called) so that I don’t dry out my hair unnecessary by dyeing it again before I actually need to. However, even if you decide not to touch up between uses, you hair will still look good. The color fades beautifully and creates a gradient, not that line between the roots and the rest of the hair like it is with other products. (perhaps the ones containing ammonia?)
The little conditioner (not that little btw, there are 60 ml in there) is a miracle in a bottle!! It makes my hair amazing and it smells soooo good!


Gloriously glossy, natural-looking hair colour.
No ammonia. No commitment. No worries.

How to use it:

As I said, I don’t have any experience and I really appreciated how easy it was to work with this hair dye. Basically, you pour the color creme in the developing cream and you shake it. You apply it to your hair following the instructions in the box, you wash your hair and use the amazing conditioner. Nothing drips or creates any other problems (apart from the one I mention below). You could just use you hands (after you have put your gloves on!!) or apply the color with a brush. Both ways work.

Drawbacks or what you should keep in mind:

– The color ALWAYS turns out darker than expected. First I got “the darkest brown”/”ebony black” (names obviously vary, so go with the number, this is 200), because I actually wanted a very dark brown colour. This was completely black with a blue tint. Then I replaced it with “dark brown” (300). It is still almost black so I may go even lighter in order to get a real dark brown and not a brown-ish black.
– Don’t use oils in your roots. The colour will disappear as if it was never there.
– BIGGEST problem: This hair dye leaves TERRIBLE stains behind. Even vaseline around the hair line wasn’t as helpful as I hoped. You can remove the stains with dishwashing liquid (Yes, I was desperate after I tried rubbing them with lemon, toothpaste and baking soda, all of which don’t help!). I still don’t recommend dyeing your hair before an important event. Make sure you have at least 4 days ahead of you (so that you could wash your hair once or twice) and be careful!

Here you are. I hope this was helpful and until next time! As always, comment, share, ask – I will be pleased. Perhaps you could give me some recommendations to prevent staining my skin, that would be awesome!


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