Review and Skincare routine: Kräuterhof Hyaluron+ Skincare Line

Hey guys! I am really excited for today’s post,  because first, who doesn’t love good skincare, and second, because I am going to tell you about a favourite brand of mine, which is 100% a perfect example for what “Made in Germany” stands for. I shared my excitement on Instagram, when I got the products and FINALLY, it’s time to share my opinion, too.


This is the complete Hyaluron+ skincare line by Kräuterhof. It consists of 5 products – a day cream (50 ml), a night cream (50 ml), a serum (30 ml), an eye cream (20 ml) and a face wash (200 ml).
The face wash I’ve been using since May last year, the day cream and the eye cream – since September and all five products together – since the beginning of February, so this post is by no means ‘first impressions’.

Let me start with my favourite product which literally changed my overall perception of skin care. Getting my makeup off is really not my favorite things to do – I hate using milk-y textures (which are the moisturizing type of makeup removers) and the gel ones often dry out the skin or have really thick consistency and I only feel putting them on the skin but not IN it. Simply said, I don’t feel my skin clean after using them.
THIS gel is different. It has a thin consistency without being too liquid and it doesn’t dry out the skin.
I am wandering off topic for 2 seconds but this is important. I feel that one of the reasons you may end up disappointed with any product is unrealistic expectations. You can’t expect moisturisation from a face wash. It’s not its job to moisturize your skin. Face creams do that. Cleansing products normally dry out your skin a little bit and this is normal. If you have ever used a deep cleanse face mask, you know it’s normal to feel your skin tight and a little bit dry. (In the ideal case, you will use a toner to restore the skin’s pH level before putting your cream.)
With that being said, I don’t appreciate my face wash leaving my skin as if it’s 2 sizes smaller than it used to be. You know what I am talking about, right? You can’t expect moisturized skin, but you should not expect (and take for normal) extra dried out skin either.

The reason why this gel does not dry my skin out is the lack of sulfates (the washing agents). A problem you will normally experience with products like these (shampoos) is that they don’t foam. This gel does! I’ve been using it to remove my makeup and I am really happy with the result! I first rinse my face with warm water to soften my mascara. For the record, I use the newest one (Lash Sensational or something like that) by Maybelline and everyone on the Internet is complaining about how difficult it is to take it off! Well… it is, but this gel does the job! Then I apply the face wash and massage my skin and after that I use micellar water to remove any makeup which might have been left on the hair line or around the ears.

Furthermore, you need a really small amount of product. As I said, I have been using it since May and I am now on my second bottle and it will last me another month, I think. I already have a third one ready.
Basically, you need to go out and get it! Or order online, of course, as you prefer 😀


Day cream and night cream
Both of them are really, really good! They leave my face smooth, moisturized and fresh. The last one is highly important to me, as some creams leave my skin with a greasy feel to it and I really hate that! I use the day cream as a make up base and it works quite well – it prepares the surface by making it smooth which allows me to apply my foundation quickly and evenly.
The night cream has a beautiful rich texture (you can see the difference on the picture above), I can feel it ‘repairing’ and nourishing my skin!
Both products are (again) amazingly economical, so to speak, and I actually tend to put on more than I need to. The day cream is going to last me for another 2 months, which will make a total of around 5 months!! As for the night cream, you can barely see that I’ve used it, so I can’t even make a guess. Crazy, huh!

The serum is another product of the bundle that I like a lot. I use it before applying the day/night cream, it moisturizes the skin and it gives a nice, silky feel to it. The consistency is thicker than than of any other serum I’ve seen before (quite noticeable in the picture, it is on the left and the face wash is on the right) and because of that I use more of the product than I probably need to. Of course, this means that it gets used up quicker than the rest of the line. It will last me for another 2 weeks for sure, which makes a total of 3 months. Hmm, that’s quite good actually!
And may I just say how much I love the packaging? I look forward to using it every morning because it feels fancy. I would totally store it on top of my makeup vanity (once I get a makeup vanity!).


The last product is the eye cream. This is the product I have mixed feelings for, probably because I have 0 experience with eye creams and I have no idea what to expect. I don’t feel anything different after using it, am I supposed to? It’s not bad, I mean, it obviously won’t harm you, but if you have issues with the skin around your eyes, I would recommend something heavier/more nourishing.

All in all, I totally love this skinline and I’ll keep using it! This high quality German skin care line is perfect for every skin type, if you supplement your skin care by using a suitable face scrub and face masks – two major elements of my routine! Would you like to know more about this?

Now for the hard part – where to get it?
If you are in Bulgaria, you are lucky! The products could be found in every pharmacy store, and if not – online at Here is a direct link to the line and to more information about the ingredients etc. You can get the whole bundle for 79 BGN (around 40 euros), this price is unbeatable! Of course, you can get a product or two separately, too.

If you are in Germany, you can buy them online at!
Face wash
Day cream
Night cream
Eye cream

Another place to get them from (at a higher price!) is!
Face wash
Day cream
Night cream
Eye cream


Ok, I am done now. This post was quite long and it took me awhile  a decade to finish, but I think that I managed to give you enough information. I hope you’ll be pleased with the products if you decide to get them!


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