February Overview

Another month has passed by and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have, as always, fallen into the trap of the chaotic daily life. I thought I would have learned how to cope with this by now, but yet again, I find myself running around all day, finishing the day with lots of unchecked things on my to-do list and literally falling asleep the minute I lay my head on the pillow. Is this (having a plan and pushing myself through the day) the step in the right direction to that miracle moment in the future when I will have managed to fullfill my plan for the day and still have enough time for everything else? For occassional spontaneous ventures? For chilling on the couch just because I feel like it and not because I am exhausted?
If it is, I really don’t enjoy it, so how about proceeding to the next step? Or, even better, to that miracle moment in the future?

With that said, February wasn’t bad. I managed to fullfill two little promisses I made to myself. I attented my first yoga and spinning classes. Long story short, it was fun and I need to find time for this, too. I have never been a fan of morning workouts, but there is something extremely satisfying in going out of the studio, breathing in fresh air and feeling connected to your body. (The pure satisfaction of putting a check next to ‘go to sports class’ part of the daily to-do list counts, too! Yes, you got it, I am a sucker for checks and lists.)

There is a major difference in the feeling between when I do something for myself because I want to and when I do it because I need to. I mean, studying for exams is something for me, an investment in my future self (that will, hopefully, thank me for this), but honestly, I can’t say I feel anywhere near plesed, let alone happy, at the end of a looooong day spent in the library.
These occasional moments of silent joy and satisfaction feel like a drug and I’ll do my best to get that daily dose.

Another huge things happened in February. We (my boyfriend and I) finally moved into a bigger apartment and let me tell you – this.is.just.awesome. Until now, we were basically living in a single room with a barely existing kitchen-like space and all of a sudden, we have a real home – living room, bedroom, a separate kitchen, even a hallway!
Now, we actually need to buy more furniture to fill in the space! 😀
If you haven’t understood it by now or you don’t follow me on Instagrm (and you should! Look for innah.k) I am really obsessed with the whole home decor thing. Things don’t happen as quickly as I want or just don’t happen the way I want due to many circumstances. But I am doing my best to take them all into consideration and I am really enjoying the process of turning the apartment into a home.

I believe this was everything I wanted to share this time, guys. Happy March!


*The picture is from hdwallpapers.im

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