REVIEW: Last and shine nail polish collection by Manhattan

This post has been waiting and waiting ever since this collection came to Germany in December. When I found out that it will be finally launching in Bulgaria in February, I finally sat down and finished this post.
So, apparently, Manhattan decided to step up its game and not only replaced its nail polish bottles with new ones (and they look waaay better, don’t you think??), but also changed their formula and included many new colors. How cool is that?

See the old packaging here. 

The color range is, in fact, huge and due to the new packaging, Manhattan’s display definitely attracts the customer’s attention a lot more. The price is just under 3 Euro.
I really can’t compare the new formula to the old one, because I only had one nail polish by Manhattan. What I can tell is that this formula is amazing! It has a perfect consistency – not too thick, not too thin, it dries fast, it applies beautifully, it doesn’t leave any streaks. You can even get away with one coat! Timesaver right there.
Apart from quick-drying, these nail polishes claim to be longlasting and to have intense colour and a gel-like-shine. Longevity is a really subjective thing, in my opinion, but I am quite scepetical as to whether there is a nail polishes on this planet which will last for 10 days. The colour is intense, too. As for the shine – I never skip the top coat and I don’t rely on the actual nail polish to be all shiny and mirror-like. All in all, I believe I have realistic expectations and I was pleased with the quality of Manhattan’s collection.

Let me ask you something. Am I the only one, who tends to buy several colors from a nail polish brand/collection when I’ve found a good one? In this case I picked up 5 colors straightaway, because I wanted to review them for the blog and now, when I am head over heels for them, I will be getting more. I don’t have anything else to say, guys. If you have Manhattan nearby, go and get you hands on some pretty nail polishes, ’cause they are great!

And here are the ones I already have in my collection:

760 Moscow Night 
– this one is the most popular shade for a reason. It’s a beautiful dark purple with tons of gold shimmer (not glitter! It applies really smoothly, don’t worry). The interesting part is that it looks purple only under direct sunlight, otherwise it is reddish brown. Elegant and classy, it catches the eye without being “in your face”. It goes well with a variety of outfits, easy to wear.



650 Red-y-licious – shimmery red. Perfection. I swear, I was born wearing a red nail polish. Love, love, love.


630 Be my baby – an almost classic red color with a cream finish. However, it is slightly lighter than that (hence the “almost” part).


350 Meow-tyful. The second most popular shade in the range. Unlike Moscow Night, this one can easily be “in your face”. Perhaps it is because of the cold weather, I guess in the summer it will be easier to pull off a daring color like this. I bet it will look amazing with some tan!


410 Heart of stone. A must-have colour, in my opinion. I prefer using shades like this for an accent nail. Again – it applies smoothly, it’s easy to remove and it doesn’t leave any streaks which a common problem amongst metallic finishes.


Such a beautiful post, don’t you think? 😉 Or perhaps I just like shiny things!

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