January Overview

February, 1st.
Coffee and almost a whole coconut chocolate. Time for a quick post, the first one of a new sequence here, on the blog.
On the one hand, these are meant for me – to help me keep on track with everything happening each month so that I can manage my time and priorities better. On the other hand, these are for you, too – I will be sharing my favourites each month (a movie, a book, a song, a blog etc) and perhaps we could exchange ideas and experiences or give each other recommendations 🙂

And here I am with my January overview. I always have exams at the beginning of February and studying during the holidays is just impossible with all the family around and everyone calling and asking you out every day, so January is a busy month for me and basically every other part of my life – except of studying – is put on hold.
However, I still manage to get my workouts done. I am actually back to boxing after half an year (due to summer holiday and my Erasmus semester). Surprisingly, my first training wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be. I will be also changing my workout routine in the gym a little bit, meaning I will be including more cardio and seeing how it will affect my body. I feel that knowing it better will help a lot in the long run. Fortunately enough, my university offers a huge variety of sport activities and I’ve decided to give spinning and swimming (again after 8 or 9 years!) a go. Furthermore, doing yoga more often is a goal of mine for 2016, or a promise, if you’d like. I look forward to getting a good stretch once in a while as well as maintaining my mental health. Ok, this sounds as if I am a psycho, but I’ve really noticed a very positive influence on my mood and overall well-being.
In addition to the gym (4-5 times a week) and boxing (twice a week), yoga, swimming, and spinning may be a lot more than I can handle, but I’ll give it a go and we’ll see how it’s working.

In January, I finally registered on Spotify and I am most probably the last one on the planet, but this is so convenient! I really like the pre-made playlists, my two favourites are ‘Top of the morning’ which I play as soon as I open my eyes and get to the computer, and ‘Deep Focus’ which I find perfect for studying.
Favourite song of the month:

I am searching for songs for my workout playlist and I’ll be happy to see/read your suggestions!

I’ve recently watched a very nice, fun movie with Anne Hathaway (whose smile I just loooove so much! She’s so feminine and sweet at the same time!) and Robert De Niro. It’s called The Intern, here is the trailer:

Amongst the ‘selling’ points of the movie is the unusual friendship between a hardworking female manager in her twenties and a retired 70-yeard old searching for a new challenge, trying to convey the idea that ‘one is never too old to learn’ and that one’s life may be influenced by the most unexpected people or events. I really hope to age as gracefully as Ben and to be as willing to learn and experience changes and challenges. Perhaps being old is not as bad as it sounds.
However, I didn’t like the end or to be more precise, I don’t thike there was one. Please share your opinion below, I’d like to see if I am the only one who feels like that.

I have another big thing going on right now but I want to wait until everyting is 100% certain before I share it, because I don’t want to jinx it! ^^

Take care!


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