Kanga’s Hazelnut dreams | #Cookies vol.1

In the last years I have been bringing cookies to our New Year’s Eve party and they have always been highly appreciated. Having something sweet is a good idea and undoubtedly, cookies are far more convenient to eat than cake. They are a lot easier to make and basically foolproof. You need to try them out and to find your personal favourite, to adjust it to your taste and you will basically always have something quick to whip up in case of unexpected quests coming over.

This post is the first one of a sequence – I will be showing you cookies I’ve tried so far and my ideas on improvements.

I am starting with a very favourite recipe of our family which we found many years ago in a children’s cookbook. It was all about Winnie The Pooh, thus the name. If you still can’t remember who the hell Kanga was, click here. I made these for New Year’s Eve 2010. This can’t be true! I guess I am getting old, I could bet it was 2012.


These cookies are crunchy, chocolate-y and delicious! You just can’t be wrong with them.
And here is the recipe:

1. Mix equal amounts of melted butter and sugar mixture (white and brown). I used around 170 g of each.

2. Add two eggs. Then add 120 g. oats, 1 package vanilla sugar (or plain vanilla), around 150 g of flour and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well.
Using a mixer may be difficult because the dough is really thick.

3. Add 100 g of roughly chopped hazelnuts and 200 g of dark chocolate and mix by hand. (My pieces are way bigger than they needed to be, so try making them smaller, it helps a lot when forming the cookies!)

4. The mixture is pretty thick and is supposed to look like this:


5. Form the cookies by using a teaspoon and a cup of warm water to easily separate the dough from the teaspoon. Make them flat with a diameter of around 3-4 cm. They are going to spread a bit, but they are not going to rise so keep that in mind.


6. Bake them at 175° for around 15 minutes. Don’t be fooled – even when they are ready, they will still be kind of soft until they cool down.

And here is the result (the focus is… well, let’s call it interesting):


Enjoy with a cup of coffee! (Or with yoghurt for breakfast, yum!)


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