Trend: White Nail Polish (Review on Sally Hansen – 171 Bleach babe)

Finding the perfect a good white nail polish could easily be the subject of a new Mission Impossible movie. White nail polishes are tricky – they may be streaky, too thick, too thin, they may look as if you used wall paint, you may even accidentally remove the first coat by applying a second one. I wasn’t really keen on the look of clean white nails, so I didn’t see a reason to torture myself by dealing with so many issues. But the whole thing became such a massive trend and I just needed to try it out!

Here are the all of the nail polishes I was considering, in case you are searching for one:
Essie – Blanc,
Sally Hansen – 171 Bleach Babe,
OPI – Alpine Snow,
Essie – Private Weekend (from the summer collection),
Essence – 33 Wild White Ways (from their gel line).

I decided to go for the Sally Hansen’s version for 3 main reasons:
First, OPI is really expensive in Germany and I refuse to spend so much money on nail polish. Second, as much as I love the top coat from the new gel line collection by Essence, I came across a couple of their regular nail polishes which have a difficult to put on, quite thick formula. And last but not least, Bleach Babe and Blanc are really similar according to the reviews I read online, but in my opinion the first one has a slightly better brush.


(Low quality photo, sorry!)

Let’s start with the obvious.
I was never a sucker for packaging, but hey, I must admit – this bottle looks quite chic, doesn’t it? There are 14.7 ml in there compared to 13.5 for Essie. A selling point for me was the beautiful blue-lilac shimmer.


You can’t really see in on the nails but I thought it will make the formula better considering the similarity with a creme finish nail polish. The consistency allows for thin, yet opaque coats. I needed 3, but someone with better skills than mine could easily go with two. Despite that the nail polish dries fast.
I always use a quick drying spray, considering the five coats that I put on my nails. But when I first tested Bleach Babe, I put 3 coats, waited for 10 minutes and washed the dishes and it stayed put. Pretty convincing!

This photo is from:

I love the fresh clean look, the nails look taken care of and go with pretty much every outfit. In my opinion, a white nail polish is best when put on relatively short square nails, but that’s just me.
If you are keen on this trend and you are searching for a good quality nail polish, Sally Hansen – Bleach babe is a total win!

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