Comfort zones, confidence and outfit of the day


Recently everyone is raving about how one needs to push himself out of his comfort zone. I think I am not the only one who thinks that comfort zones actually deserve their names because…well, they’re quite comfy and it could be tempting to stay there and cuddle all day long. Oops.

However, what actually brings me out of my comfort zone is seeing or experiencing other people’s ones and inevitably comparing them to mine. The process is not always pleasant and I am rarely confident when brought out of my warm, happy place (although I usually appear to be one).

To be honest, I often envy people whom I personally consider confident and because I want to feel this way as much as possible, I basically try to turn the world into my comfort zone.

Easier said than done.


Today I am taking a baby step in this direction by showing you an outfit which I wouldn’t wear normally. It’s not important why. What was important was whether I’d manage to pull it off and still feel happy and confident. I am pleased to say I did! Here is how:

The first step is to define the problem and to go back to its source.

In my case (and believe me, I am quite embarrassed to say that, which means I am already out of my comfort zone, Yay!): I don’t feel feminine enough when I wear a sporty or casual outfit. I would say this one is inspired by the man’s wardrobe.

The second step is to find a practical, easy-to-follow solution of the problem, “how do I make this work for me”. In my case the answer was quite intuitive – it’s all about the details.


I put on my jeans that fit me perfectly, which makes me confident about the way I look. I added a beautiful silk scarf for slight elegance. Fresh hair (although it looks awfully messy in the photos, I know!), polished manicure and a bright lip and we’re done! I ended up liking the result so much that I have actually worn it twice in three days!

If you expected a life changing story of how I changed my personality in a few days, sorry guys. It just doesn’t happen this way. I am surely coming back to this topic soon and sharing how I deal with my inner (stupid) insecurities, but… Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Share your experiences of expanding your comfort zone in the comments!


One thought on “Comfort zones, confidence and outfit of the day

  1. I think it’s great, you are very right! It’s finding that balance and those habits that help you feel better and stronger towards the outside world.
    If you want to come visit and let me know what you think: 🙂


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