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Hey guys,

Exam time is o-v-e-r and life looks good again! However, here in Germany you can already buy Christmas cakes in the supermarket which is kind of depressing because since I am a student, I connect Christmas with all the exams and the stress etc.


I am leaving for my exchange semester in Prague on Monday and I thought I’d just sit down and tell you what I have been doing in the past week.
Although I am practically living with my boyfriend, I still used my dorm room for storing clothes I didn’t need such as winter coats and boots. However, my contract expired and I needed to clean out the room. Well, as it turns out, I have A LOT of stuff. So for the past month everything was just a huge mess in my boyfriend’s room (around 21 m², together with the kitchen and the bathroom) so as soon as exams were over and we had more time, we wanted to get things organized. I am leaving so I will still take many of my things with me, however order was highly needed.

So, we started by getting all of our documents neatly filed. And that was a challenge, because everything was everywhere and at the end of the semester we had so much paper and writing blocks we needed to sort out. These needed two big garbage bags to get out of the house! Right now all of our documents are in one place and easy to reach. I just bought some regular A4 pieces of paper in different colors and used them to separate the different compartments – Uni Stuff, Contracts, Certificates, Instructions and repair coupons, Administrative things such as social security number, registration confirmation etc., Random – here are old tickets from places I’ve been together with my boyfriend, as well as all my ideas for our future apartment after watching a ton of videos. Seriously, I can’t wait to paint some walls and to shop for cute little things to make the place cozy!

After that I found some useful solutions for storing my summer shoes while I am gone, I organized our books and decluttered my nail polish and makeup, some of which was in my old room this whole time and all of a sudden, I had more things than expected.

Allow me to say a few more words here. Moving really makes you reconsider how many things you actually need and if it is worth taking them with you. I am really proud of staying on top of it and not holding on to things I don’t need. Like… clearly, I don’t need 30 lip products, but I am talking about things you just don’t wear/use. I feel really bad about throwing out clothes I don’t wear but bought thinking ‘Well, I just need a thing or two to pair them with’. (Mistake, check out this post!) Meanwhile I’m getting this buying behavior under control and I managed to sort out 2 bags of good-looking pieces of clothing and donated them so that they could be happily worn by someone who needs or likes them. Being able to gladden other people felt quite good!

I really think I am in the middle of having more beauty-products than normal (because beauty is my hobby) but still not as many as it’s normal for the beauty gurus out there. Since I am not making money doing beauty videos I clearly don’t need two Alex drawer units. I hate the word collection so badly. Like… makeup is still supposed to be used, right? Not stored and admired in a drawer. Right now I am using one foundation, one mascara and I just bought a black eye pencil the other day, which I haven’t had for two years. All of my makeup is sitting on top of each other in a makeup bag and I can’t wait until I come back from Prague and we move to a decently sized apartment so I have enough space to store them neatly. I am pretty pleased with my nail polish collection – after throwing out around 10 nail polishes, which had a bad formula or were just old, I ended up with around 40-50 bottles. I think I’ll take the 10 most worn nail polishes with me to Prague and after that I am going to sort out the ones I really don’t wear. Such as blue. 5 bottles of blue.
Same goes for lipsticks, I have three pretty new nudes that really don’t suit my skin tone and I need to get rid of.

The question I usually ask myself when decluttering is ‘Have you worn this in the last 6 months?’. If not, it goes away. Today I was watching this video and Jessica’s way of thinking appealed to me so if you need inspiration to get your possessions under control, you can find all of her declutter videos right here.

Let’s talk about Prague now. I am so excited for this, I am the type of person who needs changes regularly and adapts quickly. Right now, I really need some motivation and new environment to recharge my batteries. I have a buddy there and I am looking forward to meeting new friends and having new experiences. I’ll keep you up to date and at the end I’ll sum up my thoughts in a post to try and help you if you are considering doing an exchange semester.

*pictures from the internet

I am getting back to my coffee and astrology videos on YouTube (yeah, I finally have time for those) now, but you’ll hear from me soon, I am preparing another beauty-related post. Or #sharingiscaring post, who knows.


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