Tips and tricks on how to go shopping successfully and stress-free

Since I’ve been shopping quite a lot lately and I managed to get some amazing pieces for my wardrobe without going broke, I thought I’d share my secrets with you. These are more like tips and tricks you’ve probably already heard of, but perhaps you will still learn a thing or two.

Here there are:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t shop for something at the last minute. Remember the first law in shopping: When you are in a desperate need of something, you are not going to find it anywhere or you are going to pay much more for it. Additionally, you are going to feel stressed the whole time.
Just keep in mind that you need something and shop regularly. For example, right now I don’t really need something, but I am looking for jeans, classic black pumps, a denim dress and a trendy knitted overcoat. And guess what – my boyfriend’s sister was in town yesterday and we went shopping. I was just wandering through the store when I noticed a pair of jeans in the perfect color and in my size. Tommy Hilfiger for 40 Euros? YES, please!
I am casually posting the photo below to show you the original price… I know, I know.


  1. Spend smart.

Make the difference between an item which is an investment and an item which isn’t. Spend more on basics or on classic pieces of clothing. Shoes in general are a great investment! Sport shoes, boots, a pair of nude/black pumps – you just need a high-quality and perfectly fitting pair. Coats, a classic blue pair of jeans, a good suit, a little black dress – these are all stuff you can splurge on, because you are going to need them in the future no matter what the latest fashion trend is.
Which means – don’t spend much on trendy stuff that you are most likely not going to wear next season. For example, I am trying to explore new territories and I want to achieve an edgy look. I have been looking for a straight pair of military-green jeans. I am not willing to spend much on them since this is not usually my style. Which brings me to my next point.

  1. Adjust your spending to your lifestyle.

This is basically the last one, but you need to make it work for you. That means: If you are more of a jeans and sneakers type of girl, don’t spend a fortune on a dress for your brother’s wedding if you know that you’re not going to wear it often. You better invest in a high-quality pair of sneakers that allow your feet to breathe and keep them dry (because microbes are really keen on a warm and moist environment, yikes!)

  1. Pick your shopping outfit smart.

Go for a two-part outfit and you are not going to be in the situation when you are trying on a shirt and you need to call your friend/mum/boyfriend to the dressing room because you don’t wear any pants. (Yes, I’ve been there a dozen times) Don’t wear lots of jewelry, a piece with tons of buttons or foundation (the cheeks are fine, but try to avoid putting any on your chin or forehead). It’s just disgusting to see how someone left a huge foundation stain on that beautiful white shirt you were just about to buy.

Here are my suggestions – I tried to put together pieces that look very much like some that I personally own. Keepin’ it real!


  1. Take someone with you

This sounds overrated but you need someone with a good, objective judgment who enjoys shopping at the same pace. It’s really annoying to wait for someone for 30 minutes when you only need 5 or trying to keep up with them all the time.
I usually go shopping with my mum or my boyfriend. They both know my clothes, my style and my I-need-this-right-now way of acting. They also don’t fear telling me that something just doesn’t fit me/looks cheap/is not the best quality etc.

  1. Ask yourself questions when buying something

Like “Do I have at least one thing to pair with this item?” I saved myself so much money with this advice.
“Am I buying that because I am going to wear it or just because it’s a good deal/it looks good on someone else?” – this is particularly hard for me because I am all about good deals. Last time I saw a beautiful trench coat in blue, it was fitting perfectly and an amazing deal, BUT I hate pairing blue with blue so I knew I wasn’t going to wear it with jeans, which didn’t leave me much of a choice. So I didn’t get it. And believe me – it was hard and my heart was crying, I even asked my mom and a friend of mine whether I should buy it for them!

  1. Save an item

If you are just not sure at the moment and you don’t want to regret buying the item later, just ask the salesperson to save it for you. Take your time to think about it while you carry on shopping or while having lunch. However, if you need to think too much about it, skip it. Go with your gut feeling.


  1. Shop on sales.

That means you basically shop for the next season, but take my word for it – you are going to find the same piece that’s going to cost so much during season for a lot less. Of course, you are going to buy yourself something from the new collection anyway, because… let’s be honest, no one really enjoys buying a winter coat when summer is coming and all you can think about is wearing a bikini!
Also, have a client-loyalty card from your favourite shop, it’s always nice to get some extra discount!

  1. Shop online.

Shopping online is amazing because you have access to so many brands!
I know many of you are scared to do that, but have no fear – just make sure their return policy is client-friendly and measure yourself adequately before choosing a size. Another tip would be to subscribe to their newsletter to get more discounts, but create another email address in order for your work-related email to stay spam-free.
My recommendations are (for all of you living in Germany), Fashion Days (for all of you living in Eastern Europe) and Forever21 for an international shipping. I’ve just recently ordered some sport stuff after I was frustrated with the prices and the selection in my local shop. I managed to get perfectly fitting leggings, 2 tops and a sports bra for under 50 euros!

That was all from me today. I really hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! If you have any of your own – please share! Happy shopping, guys!

2 thoughts on “Tips and tricks on how to go shopping successfully and stress-free

  1. Ahh yes, the classic “ask yourself questions” trick, something I’ve always failed to do. Now I have not one, not two, but nine pair of jeans which are all really similar in fit and colour! Good tips. 🙂


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