Haul and First Impressions (Kiko, Yves Rocher)

Finally, a beauty-related post! This is kind of a haul, kind of first impressions thing-y. I hope you find it interesting and informative!

I’ll start with my most recent purchases from Yves Rocher and Kiko. There is a link to every product, so that you can find it easily in the website and I won’t have to write the whole, long and french (!) names. I strongly recommend using the German/French website, because in the American the products are waaaaay overpriced.


Yves Rocher

I am definitely becoming more and more loyal to this brand, mostly because of their non-stop tempting offers – along with my first order I received a sports bag; the first product of the second order was free. For a couple of days, I have barely been restraining myself from a third order consisting of a makeup- and a travelling bag, which is even big enough for a laptop! Apart from that Yves Rocher releases an enormous amount of coupons with every order and they sent me a -50% discount code for my birthday. Well done!

My first Yves Rocher product ever was their amazing 3-minute Deep-Cleaning Mask, which is a must-have for my skin. I also bought their Hydration-Boost eye gel, which I put in the freezer for 20 minutes. I believe the effect which I quite like is due to the temperature, not to the gel itself. Placebo effect? Maybe.

Usually, I’m not a person that gets enthusiastic about shower gels, nor do I expect them to hydrate the skin that much, or to stay fragrant the whole day (That’s what perfumes are for!). I can’t even remember how I found the coffee-scented shower gel (Jardins du Monde), but it’s a fact that I’m currently using the second bottle and the third one is just waiting to be opened! Do I need to say anything else? The scent is just… indescribably delicious, it smells so fresh with a bitter touch – exactly like real coffee! The foam is amazing and it has a bit thicker texture. I feel like I’m using too much or maybe the shower gel isn’t particularly economical, but that doesn’t matter – until I find something that smells just as awesome, I’ll keep buying this amazing little treasure!

I received their waterproof mascara as a gift to an order. It might be of some use to me with some cream eye shadow when I go to the beach and I need some light make-up, but as a whole, I’m not really impressed. It simply separates the lashes and lifts them slightly, but it doesn’t give them any volume. My lashes look like they have no mascara on. I am sure there are better waterproof mascaras on the market.

Yves Rocher’s lipbalm is…pleasant, it leaves quite a visible nice raspberry…eeh, cherry red color, it doesn’t hydrate much, but I didn’t really expect it to.

I wanted to try a different volumizing shampoo after my disappointment of John Frida, but for now I’m not looking for a professional product, so I ordered this one. I’m not really pretentious about my shampoos, just like I’m not about shower gels. If it washes the hair nicely, doesn’t make it greasy like Head&Shoulders and doesn’t cause dandruff, I’m perfectly satisfied. Usually, the problem of the volumizing shampoos is that they make the hair too dry, but we have nothing like that here. Despite the fact it’s a bit more liquid than it’s normal, the shampoo is economical, it lathers really nice, which is very important for me and it leaves me with the feeling of a well washed hair and actually volumized hair! While writing this post, I have a third day hair and it looks perfectly fine.

I don’t have a particular opinion on the Botanical Hair Care Vitality & Radiance Shampoo – not because I don’t like it, it’s just that I really think it makes the hair neither really shiny nor vitalized. However, it doesn’t make it greasy, so I’m going to use it.

With the second order I took advantage of the offer for a free product – I received the Fluid with light reflecting particles Elixir 7.9. I remained very pleased with it – it’s reasonably priced, the package looks chic, which contributes to some extra pleasure of using the product. The Fluid hydrates well, I use it in the morning after washing the face and then I put my make-up on. For now I don’t really feel the need to add any cream, because my Night Care is nourishing enough and I conscientiously use hydrating masks at least twice a week. I like the fluid’s texture, it’s very serum-y. The difference between a serum and a fluid isn’t really clear to me, but I enjoy using such a product both in the morning and the evening.

Before the fluid I use a cotton tampon to apply a tonic with a supposedly refreshing effect. Again – a very nice product, it doesn’t clean the make-up like the micellar water does, but in reality it slightly cools and refreshes the skin. The fragrance is really nice, there’s a slight hint of alcohol, which is also the third ingredient in the list, because the water is targeted at normal to oily skin. Quite peculiar, but it doesn’t dry the skin. Maybe I’ll try putting the tonic in the freezer for a while to achieve a more notable effect.


                From the products of Yves Rocher, that I have tried, I strongly recommend the fluid and the coffee-scented shower gel, and if you’re still curious about more – the volumizing shampoo and the tonic are also very good products.


KIKO is another brand that’s quite to my liking, although I don’t have that much experience with their products – I like their eye shadows and I have lipsticks from a couple of their lines of products. But I couldn’t really find an appropriate colour for my skin from any of their foundations.


The first thing I grabbed from the shop was the Ultimate Long Wear Eyeliner Pen that I just adore! I like using it under liquid eyeliner for two reasons: first, it lasts longer than when I use only one type (before it has flaked in the outer corner of the eye); and second – I manage to line my eye quicker with a pen that with a brush. It’s great for beginners!

Influenced by a fellow-blogger, I wanted to buy a lipstick from the Double Touch line. Two of them came home with me  – 102 Pink Mauve and another one with a hard to describe fuchsia color and even harder to pronounce name 115 Rhododendron Pink. I have a special idea for the latter and I’ll try to show it to you as soon as possible. I managed to try the nude nuance – don’t even think about omitting the gloss! The lips feel terrible without it – dry and terribly sticky – but don’t give up – it’s like that with every product from this type. If you want a matte finish, apply the gloss and blot it off with a tissue. From this moment on, you have nothing to worry about. You can’t feel the product on your lips, but it’s there and not going anywhere for the next…at least 5 hours in my judgement. It survived eating, drinking and a workout at the gym. I tried to remove the swatch on my hand with micellar water and it didn’t work at all. Olive oil had some success, but not entirely. The only way is to let it “wear out”. To cut a long story short – a super long-lasting lipstick, which cannot be felt on the lips? Yes, please!

Perfect swatches right here! 😀 Eyeliner, Eyeshadow Stick in Golden beige, Lilac; Double Lipstick in Pink Mauve, Rhododendron Pink.

Regarding the colour – my perfect interpretation of Kylie Jenner’s lips is a nude colour with a very slight shade of purple. I didn’t buy a typical summer colour, but they have those too – I set my heart on a watermelon pink with some shimmer. Let’s see quickly it will land in my makeup bag.

I really wanted to try the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow line. For the moment, I have bought champagne colour (07 Golden Beige) and a purplish-pink one (15 Lilac). I think that type of eye shadow would be perfect as a base under my lower lashes. I really like wearing blue-green there, so I might get that too next time if the series leaves a positive impression on me. I have also set my eyes on a nail polish. Although lately I feel drawn to simple colours, I quite liked 488, which is bright pink with a golden shimmer. It looks a bit coarse in the bottle, but in reality it’s not and it definitely doesn’t make your nail feel rough in any way. This is all that I bought from Kiko, but I tried a lot of new products in the shop – a gorgeous golden highlighter from their new collection for example.

So…Kiko is quite to my liking, even though I have noticed two very serious cons – the colours in the website are not even close to the real ones, and the location of the shop, where I usually go, isn’t particularly nice, because there are no windows and the light is entirely artificial, which makes the choosing of products like foundations, concealers and etc., almost impossible.

Which is the number 1 product of Yves Rocher/Kiko you’d recommend?

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