New in my wardrobe

Since I’ve been buying lots of clothes in the last two months, I’ve decided to share with you the interesting pieces. (The rest is quite normal and I won’t bother you with it.) To be honest, I am not really comfortable talking about fashion, because although I enjoy dressing up, my style is simple. I am quite conservative when it comes to combining clothes. To give you some examples – I deeply hate combining dark brown with black; I have almost no dark blue tops or blouses, because I would never wear them with jeans. I don’t get the whole idea of ‘Let’s combine dots with stripes and throw in some flowers’. I usually like a combination on someone else and end up either loving it or feeling insecure wearing it myself. So, if you are still here and you haven’t given up, here are a couple of pieces I recently got.obuwka I was looking for black sandals for the summer but nothing caught my eye. So I got these 😀 . My mom actually bought and sent them to me. They are as far from flats as possible, but I love them to death. I am familiar with the brand and its good quality. Unfortunately, you are only able to get the exact same model in Bulgaria, (Here, 23.1257), but I am sure other brands have similar ones. I didn’t really need a bag, but my mom said something like ‘But they are on sale and… like… are you sure you don’t need one?’ Yes, she is that cool. And we wear the same size and have the same taste. So she gets me stuff. And I love them. Back to the bag! (See what I did there??) I saw somewhere this model of Louis Vuitton and my mom managed to find a very similar one. ( She is a goal achiever as well!) A Bulgarian brand again – sorry, guys. I don’t really have a favourite colour, but if you put a gun to my head and told me to choose one, red would be the answer. chanta This skirt (here) is such a statement piece, I love it! It doesn’t look nearly as good on the photo as it does in real life and the awful combination with sneakers and a  blazer three sizes too big doesn’t help at all. But trust me – this skirt is amazing, it compliments the figure beautifully and it looks so feminine. skirt Another amazing discovery at Only: hosen
I got mine in dark blue. These are stunning, I wear them all the time! Because the material is so soft (69% cotton, 29% polyester, 2% elastane), they are extremely comfy. I found a very similar material at Fashion 5 and Bershka. Similar model at AsosNew Yorker and Forever 21.

And the question of the day: Where do you shop online? Do you shop for different pieces at different shops or do you have a favourite one?

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