Recent Discoveries #1 – Reading App, Learning German, Free education

You are going to see this type of posts every now and then, when I have found some cool stuff worthy of sharing that don’t really belong anywhere. YouTube channels, apps, cool DIYs, blogs that I really enjoy – you’ll find it all here.

Let’s get us started!

Ebook Reader App



A free app which allows you to read books in .epub or .pdf (I’ve tried only these two) on your tablet or smartphone. It’s the perfect solution if you enjoy reading but you haven’t made the decision to buy an eBook reader – and you still don’t have to carry all those heavy books around!
The app is quite user-friendly and intuitive. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, make notes, save your favourite quotes etc. And the app remembers the exact same page you were last at! Loving it!

Get Germanized

This is a channel in YouTube, which helps you you learn German in the funniest way e-v-e-r! However, it doesn’t cover the basics and it wouldn’t be of much help when it comes to grammar, conjugation of verbs etc.
BUT you can learn a LOT about German habits and culture or how to use the German slang. Besides funny videos such as “Sexy German Bar Talk”, here you can find a playlist with Word-of-the-day type of videos where each word is presented and explained in a context. And if you are interested in knowing how to tell the time or your occupation, or to ask for directions here is another playlist with 21 videos on a very basic level of German which you will be needing even if you are only visiting the country. All in all, very useful and fun channel!


You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
– Oscar Wild

With that being said, the idea of Coursera is best described on its own website:
“Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses for anyone to take, for free.”

I would add – in the comfort of your own home and on a subject of your choice! You can find a list with all the topics here, but let me tell you – there is EVERYTHING you could be interested in! No matter if it’s biology, computer science, nutrition, law, music, finance, management, etc – it’s there.
From my personal experience I can suggest trying out this course in Public Speaking – it provides with different techniques to use when giving a presentation. Some of them are quite common and you’ve surely heard of them already but nonetheless, you are going to learn many new ones.

That’s all from me for today. Please let me know your thoughts if you happen to try some of these!

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