Sunday Motivation

A random post with few of my recent motivation-related discoveries just in time for the following week. (A new ‘Sharing is caring’ post is coming soon.)

And for the first time in English. I really want to be able to get to more people and to use this online place as a platform for offline acquiantances and experiences. Since I don’t use English every day (in a way, other than watching YouTube), I am a bit rusty and it will take me more time to gather and express my thoughts in English. But bear with me, I am a fast learner 😉

After watching this video I became curious about Blake’s company since I’ve heard nothing of it. I found Preserve‘s website and came across the editor letter written by hers truly. It’s quite simple, yet impressive, honest, full of emotion. One really sees her devotion.

I don’t know much about Blake but I already like her – the way she talks still gets to you without being overwhelming. Building your company around an idea you truly believe in at the age of 27 –  you go, girl!


I am following CareerGirlDaily, which is a blog concentrated on the idea to help the young working professional. If you are interested in motivation stories, advice on how to prepare for an interview or in an occasional beauty advice, I strongly suggest checking it out.

They sometimes post really interesing stuff. For example – this article on why they find Kim Kardashian a good role model for every girl, trying to build a career. I was extremely sceptical, but nonetheless I should admit – they’ve made some quite reasonable arguments.

Here are other articles I enjoyed:

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